• Howard A.

    "Thanks, loaded to my P2HR, [and] does exactly what I want :)"

  • Erroneus

    "Amazing watchface! Pulled the trigger on the bundle. Thanks for keeping Pebble alive and kicking :)"

  • Hawre Z.

    "It's the first watch-face I've bought and I really like it."

  • 성욱

    "Thanks for making awesome faces"

  • Alexei A.

    "Good job! Like it. Bought [the] entire package of Simply"

  • Adrian C.

    "I strongly suggest people buy the set from this developer... To encourage continuous support of Pebble..."

  • Mark

    "Man, you’re great at this! This Simply package was a great buy. Each face is so well-conceived and unique."

  • LowGun84

    "Awesome best one yet! Thanks for the cool new watch faces!"

  • Ashley P.

    "Very nice... you keep making winners."

  • Tony M.

    "I knew paying for all Simply watchfaces would be worth it."

  • Sachz

    "Just bought the bundle. Been meaning to for a while now. All good stuff. Thanks!"

  • Daniel

    "...Looks ace! I just bought a [Pebble Classic] on ebay and super happy with it and your watchfaces."

  • Karin G.

    "All I need, no more, no less - nice and simple. ❤️ it!"